New drama lights up JTBC Mondays

New Korean drama, The Light in Your Eyes, climbed to a 3.743% nationwide rating this week, lighting up the Monday night 9.30pm slot for cable broadcaster JTBC. In Seoul, the fantasy romance hit 4.638% (source: AGB Nielsen). 

The Light in Your Eyes, produced by JTBC’s Drama House, debuted on 11 Feb with 3.185% nationwide, climbing to 3.188% on 12 Feb, also in the prime-time 9.30pm slot. This beats the top rating achieved by the previous series in this slot, Clean with Passion for Now. 

The 12-episode series is the story of a 25-year-old woman who fast-tracks into her 70s, and a man who squanders time and chooses to live in torpor. 

“Although there are many episodes about culture shock experienced by a 25 year old suddenly becoming 70, the series’ main theme is the true meaning of life,” says producer Kim Suk-Yun (Old Miss Diary). The series was written by Lee Nam-Gyu (My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week).

“We all aware of our fate of growing older so I wanted to talk about how young people would think about becoming old,” he adds. 

Kim Hae-Ja and Han Ji-Min (Wife Used to Know, Miss Back) share the lead role – a young positive anchor in her mid-20s who cannot tolerate injustice and is suddenly catapulted into her 70s.

Kim says he believes only an actress like Kim Hae-Ja could have pulled off a role with such a deep and wide range of emotions. 

For the 36-year-old Han Ji-Min, the 77-year-old Kim Hae Ja was the main attraction. “I was willing to take part because of Kim Hae-Ja. She has been one of the greatest actresses for ages, and for me, it is a great honor,” she said shortly before the premiere. 

Han acknowledges how much she has to learn. “Even when the camera is not rolling, Kim Hae-Ja fully lives in that character. I am just not there yet,” she said. 

Nam Ju-Hyeok plays Lee Jun-Ha, a wannabe-journalist who had lived passionately to make his dream come true, but suddenly throws it all way. “Lee Jun-Ha and I have many things in common,” Nam says.

For Kim Hae-Ja, the improbable time shift is a great asset. “I believe that anyone could relate to this story and take a look back his/her life,” she says.  

Published on ContentAsia's eNewsletter 18 February 2019