Televisa Internacional

According to its market capitalisation, Grupo Televisa is the largest mass media company in the Hispanic world, and a major player in the global entertainment industry. The company is involved in TV production and broadcasting, restricted TV signals production, TV programmes international distribution, direct-to-home satellite TV, cable TV and telecommunication services, magazine publishing and distribution, radio programmes production and broadcasting, live sports and entertainment events,  film production and distribution, a Web Site operation, and it also participates in the game and raffles industry. It produces more than 90,000 hours of content a year; it transforms universal stories into a local success by creating alliances and performing tailor made productions. Televisa is a global entertainment company.

Who's who 

Carlos Castro
General Sales Director
Ricardo Ehrsam
General Director of Entertainment Formats of Televisa Internacional
Mario Castro
Director of Sales Asia, Africa and Middle East

Top shows are... 


My Next Me

My Next Me is an unforgettable musical adventure where the stars will show their more human side. The three idols are going to search for, test, select, transform and eventually launch on the music market, the most talented young contestants who want to succeed and demonstrate that they were born to shine on stage. The stars will be reminded of various stages in their careers throughout this emotional search, the good times and the bad times, something that will help them form emotional links with the hopefuls. For the rst time, the stars will share personal stories about what they had to face before becoming the musical idols they are today. My Next Me presents a novel element for the rst time: the Tune Machine. A next-generation software capable of measuring the level of tuning when the contestants sing, which will be used to objectively assess them. Talent Show, 2016. Episodes/length: 13x90–120 mins


The latest star of the reality world has arrived, in search of the most extreme survivor in the most out of space house on TV.
  We have seen amazing outdoor survival challenges. We have seen some very harsh physical challenges done in- doors. But we have never seen a reality programme that combines both, and that does so in the most amazing set of our solar system: Mars, the red planet. Domus, the most out of space prime time reality programme in history. For the rst time on television, we will follow a competition in which 16 men and women strive to be the most extreme survivor worthy of inhabiting this planet. Survival Reality, 2016. Episodes/length: 13x90–120 mins


Pacific, much more than just a travel diary
  Pacific tells the story of three friends who go on a year-long expedition in search of the most exotic, mysterious and amazing sceneries in the Pacific. More than 50,000 kilometers and 19 countries make up this incredible journey that goes from the north of Japan to New Zealand, visiting China, Southeast Asia, Borneo, the Philippines, Papua, Australia and the Southern Seas. A different and adventurous point of view, full of contrasts, showing a journey from the most unexplored and unknown villages and islands, through the most exotic scenery and lost valleys, deep into the wildest jungles, and reaching the most modern cities, discovering the history and people hidden beneath. Travel & Adventure Docu-reality, 2016. Episodes/length: 10x60 mins

Deep Undercover

The documentary series based on real events that will take your breath away 
  Deep Undercover introduces us into the murky world of covert operations to capture assassins, drug traffckers, corrupt officials, arms traffickers, poachers, mafia bosses and other criminals. Each episode shows an intriguing covert investigation starring the main police departments and other agencies with the objective of catching the most wanted criminals. True crime docuseries, 2016. Episodes/length: 52x30 mins

Count With Me

You might not know it, but your body, your emotions, your past and your purpose in life are all numbers.
  For the first time on television we are sharing a unique form of knowledge that has been hidden from most people for centuries: Numerology. A science that seeks to make us masters of our own destiny, revealing what we are through the numbers that de ne us. Manuel Márquez, the numerologist to the stars in Spain, will help celebrities and everyday people to make the most important decision of their lives by using their numbers. A true life makeover that will surely impress you. Do you dare to nd out about your numbers? Makeover show, 2016. Episodes/length: 13x60 mins


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