euronews is Europe’s leading international news channel and a full multimedia platform for viewers on the move. euronews broadcasts 13 services 24/7 – Arabic, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Greek – reaching 415 million households in 156 countries, and is available through a full range of applications for mobiles and tablets. The most watched international news channel, euronews enjoys a daily audience of seven million viewers across Europe. For more information, visit

Who's who 

Michael Peters

Carolyn Gibson
Chief Revenue Officer

Renate Hufsky
Deputy Head of Distribution


euronews has a global content strategy, 50% of its content is pure news and the other 50% is cultural, business and life style programmes.

Target audience 

Mostly male audience (69%) aged 40, highly educated, living in urban/sub-urban areas with high average income.


euronews is a pan-European 24-hour news channel. Euronews broadcasts simultaneously in 13 languages. The channel comprises 1 video feed with 13 different audio feeds. There is no subtitling or voice-over, all language versions are originally produced. The euronews signal is in SD.

Channel distribution in Asia 

euronews in Asia: By cable, IPTV or satellite distribution, euronews is received by 22.7 million homes across 14 countries: Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Timor Leste.

Asia/Pacific – Satellites: Asiasat 5
Full time carriage: Australia (Transact – cable, Fetch TV-IPTV, Flip TVIPTV); Cambodia (PPCTV - cable); Hong Kong (PCCW - IPTV); India (STAR BROAD BAND, cable / Neo News Network – cable / Satellite channels Pvt ltd – cable / Home Cable - cable); Indonesia (Transvision – cable, DTH & IPTV / Indovision/Okevision - satellite pay TV, First Media – cable, Big TV - DTH), ICTA (Indonesian Cable TV Association); Japan (Hikari TV – IPTV); Laos (Lao Sat – IPTV); Malaysia (TM NET – IPTV, ABN – cable); Philippines (PCTA – cable); Papua New Guinea (Hitron – cable); South Korea (KT Corporation – IPTV / T-broad–cable); Taiwan (Chunghwa Telecom – IPTV, Veetv – IPTV, CYCCATV – cable, KUO-SHEN CABLE TV – cable, SHIN-HSIN CABLE TV – cable, Dafeng Cable, Fain TV-OTT); Thailand (AIS – IPTV / TCTA-cable, Telecom Of Thailand – IPTV)

Households: 23 million / Hotel rooms: more than 70 000

Middle East – Satellites: Arabsat, Nilesat and Hot Bird.
Full time carriage: Middle East (OSN – cable & satellite), Jordan (JordanCable – cable); Israel (Hot – cable); Lebanon (OSN, Econet & Cablevision – cable); Qatar (Ooredoo – cable / e-vision – OSN cable); Saudi Arabia (OSN, Etisalat-IPTV)Households: 29 million / Hotel rooms: 200 000


Most of euronews’ magazines are available on demand.

Affiliate marketing 

Maxime Vandenbroucque
Distribution Manager Asia-Pacific


Major advertisers include Airbus, Cartier, HSBC, Korean Air, Microsoft, Lexus, Samsung, and many others.

The single most important influence on Asia’s television industry in the next 12 months will be...

"euronews has grown to become one of the Asian markets’ major players and the only news channel to broadcast simultaneously in 13 languages. Our balanced and accurate view of the news offers a real alternative to subscribers.

Renate Hufsky Deputy Head of Distribution

Advertising Sales 

Guillaume Canard-Duchene
Representative Asia-Pacific


euronews Asia-Pacific HQ
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euronews Asia-Pacific HQ
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1 January 2017