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Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster and a trusted source for reliable news and information with content in 30 languages. The flagship channel DW provides analysis and insights to viewers around the globe, reporting on important issues in English 24/7. With continuous news reports, special features and talk shows covering everything from business, science and politics to culture and sports, DW brings people closer to what matters most – made in Germany, made for minds.

Who's who 

Petra Schneider Director Distribution
T: +49 228 429 3501

Mee Fung Lee Asia Representative
T: +60 3 2093 0866


After its relaunch in June 2015, DW has increased its percentage of news and information, which means a higher ratio of first runs and less re-runs. DW, being a worldwide channel, has to acquire material with worldwide geographical rights. Being a worldwide channel also means that DW has to hit each time-region’s prime time with relevant content. DW adapts its content by the hour, according to each region’s prime time.

Target audience 

Deutsche Welle (DW) aims to reach opinion leaders and information seekers. In most of Asia, this target audience could be referred to as educated, PMEBs, primarily in urban areas, age between 20-49 years old.

Local Production 

DW produces a Chinese edition of its lifestyle magazine Euromaxx with CCTV’s World Geography Channel. A Malay version of that magazine is available in Malaysia as well. In addition, DW has created localised productions of its science and technology magazines. There’s Manthan for Hindi audiences, Onneshon for Bangladesh, Inovator for the Bahasa Indonesian market and Sawal for Pakistan.


DW offers two linear channels in Asia: DW in English and DW (Deutsch) in German. Both channels for Asia come with localised EPG and in some countries, our platform partners offer local subtitles and branded co-productions. DW is available in HD.

Channel distribution in Asia 

DW has 24-hour linear channel carriage deals in almost every Asian country. DW is present on more than 1,100 platforms and channels in Asia either as linear channel on cable, DTH, IPTV, mobile, DVB-T or on channels rebroadcasting selected key programme brands on terrestrial free TV, internet and mobile. These are available to more than 100 million households in the region.


DW offers SVOD services through some of its partners’ IPTV packages, and has deals with the most popular video platforms in China such as Tudou, Youku and Huanqiu. DW also offers a library of video and audio content in its online Media Center. SmartTV users can enjoy VoD features as well, since DW has agreements with many TV manufacturers in order to embed the TV app in newer models.


Along with classic advertising with insertion into the 24/7 English-language TV feed, DW also offers the possibility to sponsor programmes and create promotional stories with a distinctive character and a high level of credibility.

The single most important influence on Asia’s TV industry in the next 12 months will be...

"For DW, 2017 will be a year of not only expansion, but solidification as well. Content and Brand will be more dynamic than ever before – the ability to constantly engage your audience in a meaningful and consistent way, beyond TV remains the single most important in-fluence on Asia’s television industry in the next 12 months.”

Petra Schneider, Director Distribution

Advertising Sales 

Mee Fung Lee Asia Representative
T: +603 2093 0866


Deutsche Welle (DW)
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53113 Bonn, Germany

HQ in Asia:
PIK film
30 Lorong Bukit Pantai
Lucky Garden, Bangsar
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Deutsche Welle (DW)
T: +49 228 429 0

HQ in Asia:
T: +60 3 2093 0866


1 January 2017